The half and half lampshade is a unique take on giving the customer the ability to change colors of the lampshade depending on their need and mood. The lampshade comes with one half one color and the other half with a second colour that lets you choose a colour that you want to keep visible at a given point in time. Want a bright and vibrant effect - Go with orange. Need a more subtle and muted look - Go with beige. In the mood for some boldness ? Keep them both visible and get dual benefit from a single lampshade. If you are going to change your furnishings and decor on and off and need your lampshades to also adapt, this is just the right fit for your lamps.

Additional information

Material Textured Fabric
Shape Drum
Colour Dual Colour
Dimension 8 to 18 inches dia
Included Components Only the lampshade is included
Excluded Components Bulb and other associated components
Holder & Plug type E27 and E14 supported. If your lampbase has traditional brass type holder, do mention it at the time of making an order
Item weight 400 Gms
Country of Origin India
Shipping Time

4 Days

Delivery Time

7-10 Days


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