Worry not abour drilling holes into your bottles anymore as this lamp kit is a ready to use pre wired kit that easily converts your bottles into beautiful lamp bases. Convert your bottles into lamp bases using this Wine Bottle Lamp Kit. The kit comes with a bottle stopper and a B22 type bulb holder and a 2 meter black cable pre wired to the holder. You can insert the cork stopper into the mouth of the bottle and you are ready to mount any lampshade (compatible with B22 brass holders) onto it. Go on and get your bottles redone into lampbases. Note : The bottle and lampshade used in the image are for representation purpose only and are not part of this product.

  • This bottle lamp kit is a convenient means to easily and quickly convert your bottles into beautiful table lamps
  • The kit is a plug and play product that requires absolutely no effort from your end in terms of drilling holes or wiring
  • The Unit is prewired and needs to be inserted into the mouth of the bottles. The lampshade needs to be mounted onto the holder and secured. If you do not have the lampshade, we have a combination pack with both the lampshade and the kit
  • Works with most liquor bottles. The average diameter of the bottle should be between 18 to 23 mm.

Additional information

Material Cork
Shape Small Cone
Colour Black
Dimension 2 x 2 x 4 in
Included Components Cork Stopper, B22 type bulb holder connected by a 2 pin plug cable
Excluded Components Bulb, cord switch and other bottles or lampshades you see in the images
Holder & Plug type B22 type Holder with 2 Pin Plug
Item weight 200 Gms
Country of Origin India
Shipping Time

4 Days

Delivery Time

7-10 Days

Cork Dimension

The cork used is tapered and is 18mm at the base and about 24mm at the top. Any bottle with mouth wider than 24mm or narrower than 18mm is not support by this kit

Lampshade Support

Support for Lampshades that have holder ring inner diameter of 25mm. If your holder ring is wider


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