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Product Disclaimer

All our lampshades and lamps are painstakingly hand made with lot of care and attention to details. This results in each product being distinct from every other product of the same type. Such variations in the product are a natural outcome of handmade products which makes them truly one of a kind.

Some of the hand woven fabrics, RAW silk and other similar fabrics may come with sporadic non-uniformity which is inherent to their manufacturing process . Hand painted and block printed fabrics may also have isolated variations in their patterns. These are intrinsic to how these fabrics are made which may be and should not be misconstrued as being inconsistent.

Grain patterns in the wood are as unique as our finger prints. Not all pieces are identical and hence it is difficult to match the patterns on the actual product as it is seen in the product image. It is also difficult to replicate the distressed vintage look in exactly the same way as in the displayed product image.

Lastly, photographs sometimes do not reflect the true color of a product, particularly when it is used with a light inside. Photos tend to be bleached and filters may be used to provide you with a near perfect look of the product. It would interest you to know that the same image may have a different color tone on your mobile and laptop depending on the brightness and contrast settings of these individual devices. And hence, small variations in the color and texture, as seen in the photograph is expected to be there in the actual product. However, we are committed to ensuring that we deliver you the exact product that we are showing you in the photograph.

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