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Wooden key holders

Never lose your keys or your ties. Get one of our trendy wooden key holders that not just add functionality, but also enhance the décor value of your wardrobe or door spaces. Our wooden key holders are designed to exude simplicity while at the same time create a unique sense of styling and home decoration. Ever walked out of your home and scrambled your pockets to find you had forgotten your car keys ? Key chain holders help to keep your keys in place and provide a dedicated space for your keys just so you know where to leave them and where to pick them up from. Check our key chain holders that also double up as wall shelves. Buy one now to give your doors an upgrade.

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Key stands for wall

A thing as small as a key carries a lot of purpose and importance in our day to day lives. Whether it is the house key or your car keys, they all play a crucial role and so it becomes important to have a dedicated space for them. One, you don’t lose them. And two, you do lose valuable time looking for them.  We have had many happy customers who own one of the products above and some of them had their own queries before clicking that buy button. Here we try to address some of the most commonly asked questions. Hope this helps you with your purchase decision:

Frequently asked questions

Where should I install the key chain organizer?

Where a key chain organizer should be installed depends purely on your personal convenience and preference in terms of where you think the holder would look best. When you look at it purely from practicality stand point, it is always good to have them installed behind the entrance door or the foyer leading to the entrance. That way you will remember to put the keys in their place and remember to take it when you step out. If the hanging keys is an eye sore, you can see if there is a cabinet inside which you can have it installed. Either way, base your decision on the overall look of your space or the functionality.

Can the wooden key holders be installed on the wall?

Yes, these key holders can be easily installed on walls, cabinet sides or behind the doors using the hooks provided at the holder rear.

Can I install the key holders / mail organizers myself?

If you are a DIY handyman yourself, all that it requires is for you to install two screws on your wooden doors or concrete walls. A basic drilling machine would do the job for you. If that is too much of a task, you can have your local electrician do it for you for a minimal charge that they would quote. That said, it is not a difficult job and can be done easily by a DIY enthusiast.

How do you install a wooden key holder?

The installation process for a wooden key holder varies depending on the specific product. Some key holders can be hung on a wall using nails or screws, while others may be mounted with adhesive tape. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for installation.

What is the ideal number of hooks in a key holder?

That is a subjective topic and is completely based on how many one would want depending on how many keys one owns. Given that someone might have a whole bunch while other may have just a couple of keys, it is difficult to point out an ideal number that will suit everyone’s requirement. On an average, 5-7 key hooks is a best fit that should satisfy the majority consumer’s key holder needs.

What are the benefits of using a wooden key holder?

Using a wooden key holder has several benefits, including:

Keeping keys organized and easily accessible.
Reducing clutter and freeing up space in your pockets or purse.
Providing a decorative addition to your home or office.
Minimizing the risk of losing keys.

Can the key organizer stand also serve as a wall shelf?

Yes and a no. Some of our key holders are also wall shelves. They can double up as mail organizer, mobile stand, mini book shelf or a planter stand. These shelves come with ample space for you to place small items to add more decorative value to the key organizer stand.

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