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Buy fabric lamp shades online

Buy beautiful fabric lamp shades online in India. Available in different colours, shapes and sizes to suit your requirement. What ever the height of your lamp stand, we have a fabric based lamp shade for you. Carefully hand crafted with fine quality cotton / semi raw silk fabric to give your space an aesthetically appealing look.

Some frequently asked questions
1. What fabric is best for lamp shades ?
Different types of fabric can be used on lamp shades with each of them giving a distinct effect to your space when lit. Predominantly cotton fabric, semi raw silk, and some types of synthetic linen is used for  lamp shades. Pure raw silk is also used when cost is not a challenge and a more royal appeal is expected.
2. How to choose colour for my lamp shade ?
Choice of colour in most cases is a personal preference and is dictated by your own taste and your existing wall decor and furnishing colour. Lighter colours tend to diffuse more light as compared to the darker ones. Either way, choose the colour that best fits your requirement.
3. How to clean lamp shades made from fabric ?
Lamp shades tend to get dirty over a period of time with accumulating dust on its surface and sometimes even cobwebs. It is important to maintain your shades on a regular basis to give it the original look. Using of dry cloth or dry brush is recommended for cleaning your  lamp shades. For a more detailed update, please check this post on how to clean your lamp shades.

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