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Bottle Lamps for that one of a kind decor

Bottle table lamps are a great way to decorate your dining space or your bar cabinet and bring in a themed look to your space. Liquor bottles bring a lot of charm and using them to light up your space is a a creative way to introduce a unique, one of a kind decor to your rooms. Woodooz Home Deocr® brings to you its collection of bottle based lamps and should you need more, remember to write to us about your customization requirements.

Frequently asked questions about bottle-lamps
How do you decorate bottles with light ?
One of the simplest ways to decorate bottles with lights is to change their functionality into a bottle table lamp. With the right choice of lamp shade, you can have a beautifully lit bottle lamp to decorate the space in your home.
What size lamp shade should I choose for my bottle lamp ?
Ideally the lamp shade should be proportional to the size of the bottle in use. We usually recommend 8 inch conical lamp shades for small bottles like Morpheus or Atiquity blue, while a 10 inch lamp shade will work well with taller bottles.
How to make a bottle lamp with my own bottle ?
If you do not want to pick up off the shelf bottle lamps, you can make one of your own using our “READY TO USE bottle lamp kit”. This kit does not require you to drill a hole in the bottle which is an added advantage. Pick a lamp shade from one of our collection and you are ready to make your own custom lamp with your left over bottles at home.
Are these bottle table lamps wired through a hole in the bottle ?
Yes. All our bottle lamps are pre-wired through a hole in the bottle which makes the entire set up look near and clean.

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