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Custom bulk lampshades for Hotels / Architects / Interior Designers ?

Looking to replace your existing lampshades in your hotel rooms ? You have come to the right place. We specialize in the making of lampshades and offer shades in bulk at a very competitive price. Our team of professionals ensure that the output is of sublime quality and fits your requirements like a tee. For architects and designers, we assist in customizing and bringing their design to life. With many color options and materials to choose from, we make it easier for you to offer unique designers to your clients that we take pride in executing for you. Call us or visit us at our studio to know more about how we can collaborate.

We also extend the customization and lighting design consultancy to restaurants, cafes, homes etc where we work with our clients to create a lighting display that reflects the personal taste of each of our clients.

Lampshade Repair and Restoration Service

We sometimes attach more than material value to some of the things around the house. Probably that is why there are still few things at home that, to others, are only worthy of being dumped into the garbage can. An old painting. A broken tape recorder. A hand written card that carries no value now. And many such teeny tiny nothings to which we bond emotionally. Sentimental values can never be matched by money. And it holds good for lampshades too. Have an old lampshade that you do not want to part with ? Bring it over to us and allow us to repair or restore the lampshade for you to hold on to it. 

Lampshade Customization Service

Lamps add lots of brightness to a space and the shades around them add character and personality to the room. So, it is only natural that you look to introduce bits and pieces of your own qualities into your personal space. One of the best ways to get this done is through furnishings, accessories, colors, patterns and more that reflect your taste and style.Lampshades can be an element that can go a long way in bringing out your flair for illuminating, decorating and sprucing up an ambiance. Many love to hand pick items for their room, or even better, have them made exclusively for them. When there is an option to exercise exclusivity, it opens up avenues to make things around you unique and one of a kind. GET YOUR LAMPSHADES CUSTOMIZED at Woodooz Home Decor. Call us or visit us at our studio to know more about it.

Bottle Lamps with your own personal collection

Have a collection of liquor bottles that you do not know what to do with ? Bring it over and get them converted into beautiful bottle lamps that you can use on your bar cabinet or dining room. Nothing more apt and fitting than a bottle lamp to adorn your crockery shelf or bar cabinets. Call us at 98840 70470 or visit us at our studio with your bottle and allow us to transform them into functional decor items.

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