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Tholu Bommalata Lamps

Presenting to you an exquisite assemblage of handpicked Tholu Bommalata lamps from Woodooz Home Decor®. Tholu Bommalata, also known as Leather Puppetry, is a time-honored traditional craft originating in Andhra Pradesh. These lamps, meticulously fashioned from leather, showcase captivating hand-painted designs using organic dyes and inks, rendering each piece a work of art.

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About tholu bommalata or leather puppetry

Tholu bommalata or leather puppetry is a form of art / craft that was and is traditionally used in folk theatre. The puppets used in these theatres in Andra Pradesh are made of leather and are called tholu bommalata (Dancing dolls or puppets in leather). Lights are used to enhance the effect of these puppet shows and the puppeteer uses sticks from behind the screen to move the puppets according to the script.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the tholu bommalata and the lamps that are an outcome of this beautiful art form

Frequently asked questions

What is tholu bommalata or leather puppetry ?

This is a theatre art form where beautifully hand painted leather puppets or dolls are used over lighted screens to narrate a story.

Where does tholu bommalata come from ?

This art form is popular in the state of Andhra Pradesh reflecting the state's rich tradition.

What are the tholu lamps made of ?

As the name suggests, “tholu” means leather. These lamps are made with goat leather that are stretched over metal frames. The translucent nature of the leather allows lights to pass through resulting in a spectacular effect.

Are the lamps hand painted ?

The tholu lamps are meticulously hand painted by traditionally trained artisans. The leather is later perforated along the painted images to enhance the effect of the light.

Are your lamps sourced from traditional artisans ?

Tholu lamps are native to the state of Andhra Pradesh and have been recognized with the geographical indication tags indicating their geographical origin and the associated reputation that comes with it. All our lamps are sourced directly from the craftsmen and artisans who have been indulged in this art form for years together.

What are the different types of leather lamps you sell ?

We bring to you our curated collection of wall lamps, table lamps, lamp shades, floor lamps and hanging lamps in tholu / leather.

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