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  • NEW

    Wall lamp for bedroom / living room – Fancy wall lights – Metal fixture | Jute lamp shade | Cylindrical shape

    620 (Free Shipping)
  • Wall light – Wall mounted lamp for bed rooms / living room – Half round D shape | Offwhite | Textured fabric

    599 (Free Shipping)
  • Wall Lamp with Ganesha print – Wall lights for entrance, bedroom, living room – Offwhite colour

    531 (Free Shipping)
  • Royal semi raw silk hanging drum lampshade with traditional block printed motif (in 6 sizes)

    6001,560 (Free Shipping)
  • offwhite lamp shade with block printed traditional motif (drum shape in 6 Sizes)

    5201,450 (Free Shipping)
  • Premium fabric chandelier lamp – Square lamp shades in pure raw silk

    8,200 (Free Shipping)
  • Offwhite lamp shade in Conical shape (with traditional motif) (3 different sizes)

    620850 (Free Shipping)
  • Offwhite textured lamp shade in tapered shape (3 Sizes)

    635980 (Free Shipping)
  • Wall Sconce lamp with offwhite textured fabric conical lamp shade

    850 (Free Shipping)
  • Wall Lamp fixture with Offwhite textured cylindrical lamp shade

    820 (Free Shipping)
  • Macrame table lamp with pearly white wood base

    1,325 (Free Shipping)
  • NEW

    Macrame lamp shade with wooden base

    1,310 (Free Shipping)
  • Aloft brown wall lamp with offwhite textured lamp shade

    780 (Free Shipping)
  • Offwhite textured fabric conical lampshade (in 3 differetn sizes)

    560765 (Free Shipping)
  • Offwhite fabric drum lampshade (6 different sizes)

    4501,200 (Free Shipping)
  • Offwhite textured fabric drum lampshade (Multiple Sizes)

    5601,560 (Free Shipping)
  • Shuttle table lamp with offwhite textured fabric

    650850 (Free Shipping)

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