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Jute lamps and lamp shades

Carefully hand crafted jute table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps and lamp shades to decorate every corner of your beautiful home. Made with premium quality jute burlap material, these lighting products are bound to create a stunning effect in your home. Both rustic and rich at the same time – A reason why jute has been a popular choice for lamps and shades.

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Our jute lamp shades have been made using carefully chosen jute burlap material. The rustic look that jute exudes and the rich effect that results are reasons why customers have a soft corner towards lamps made out of this material. While there is one end of the spectrum that is a true support of jute lamp shades there is the other end that is always skeptical about the durability of the material and the influence they have in changing the overall décor of your space. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about jute shades and our attempt at clearing all the doubts.

Frequently asked questions about jute lamps

Are jute lamp shades difficult to clean?

On the contrary, jute lamp shades are very easy to clean. Here’s why ! Unlike regular fabric shades, jute material is rough and rustic by nature. This makes it easier for rough handling of the surface of the lamp shade. You can, without worry, use a paint brush to clear away the dust particles caught in the textures of jute as the material by itself is tough and built to handle such mishandling, if one may call it that.

What are the different colours the jute lamp shades are available in?

Jute burlap in its original form comes in a natural sand brown colour which is not only pleasing to the eyes, but also is very neutral and works hand in hand with other colours in your space. However, jute burlap is also available in different colours like red, orange, green, black, offwhite to name a few. You may want to check the available of these colours in case you are looking to custom make a lamp shade in jute.

What kind of lighting effect jute lamp shades create??

Jute material comes with textures on its surface. And the jute burlap material used for lamp shades have a thin layer of laminate that holds the textures together in a uniform design spread across the entire layer. This allows the light to beautifully pass through and create a beautiful effect through the textures on the burlap material.

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