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  • Decorative Christmas lamp for table top in bright red fabric

    599 (Free Shipping)
  • Kolam print mini bed side table lamp

    720920 (Free Shipping)
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    Bed Side lamp in plain orange fabric

    690 (Free Shipping)
  • Boxy brown table lamp with jute lamp shade

    999 (Free Shipping)
  • Boxy teal square table lamp with jute lamp shade

    999 (Free Shipping)
  • Boxy green table lamp with jute lamp shade

    999 (Free Shipping)
  • Macrame table lamp with pearly white wood base

    1,325 (Free Shipping)
  • NEW

    Macrame lamp shade with wooden base

    1,310 (Free Shipping)
  • Paint on lamp shade / table lamp for crafters and artists

    640850 (Free Shipping)
  • Conic Table lamp with light cream chevron conical lampshade

    999 (Free Shipping)
  • Conic Table lamp with jute burlap drum lampshade

    1,099 (Free Shipping)
  • NEW

    Conic Table lamp with yellowish orange drum lampshade

    999 (Free Shipping)
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    Mini table lamp with pretty printed fabric

    800 (Free Shipping)
  • Buddha print mini table lamp

    650 (Free Shipping)
  • Pearly White table lamp with orange paisley lamp shade

    1,400 (Free Shipping)
  • Orange grove mini cylindrical table lamp

    700900 (Free Shipping)
  • NEW

    Distressed wooden yazhi (elephant) table lamp with Paisley motif lamp shade

    3,750 (Free Shipping)
  • NEW

    Trendy Teak Table Lamp Wavy red conical lamp shade

    1,520 (Free Shipping)
  • Zircon table lamp with IKAT lamp shade

    1,520 (Free Shipping)
  • Sold Out

    Distressed wooden yazhi table lamp with orange grove lamp shade

    3,650 (Free Shipping)
  • Sold Out

    Distressed blue table lamp with kalamkari lampshade

    1,450 (Free Shipping)

Buy Table lamps online at affordable prices from Woodooz Home Décor

Table lamps for bed rooms and living rooms are a great way to add a style quotient to your personal space. Whether it is a wooden lamp or a basic fabric lamp, it is always wonderful to have these décor elements reflect your personal taste and your pristine sense of styling. Whether it is to add a feel good effect or to add a functionality like reading, table lamps serve the purpose with aplomb. Night lamps and study lamps also come with a purpose that is specifically designed to cater to your needs.

At Woodooz, we bring to you a collection of traditional fabric based table lamps, leather lamps, bottle lamps in various patterns, colours and designs to complement the aesthetics of your existing décor scheme. Here are some frequently asked questions about table lamps :

Frequently asked questions


What are the different types of table lamps?

Based on their functionality, you can have night lamps, study lamps and ambient table lamps. Each of them catering to a specific function. Based on placement, you can have bed side lamps, side table lamps, corner table lamps. These are the factors to keep in mind before procuring your table lamps.

What should be the ideal size of a table lamp?

The size of the table lamp is largely dependent on the dimensions of the surface that it is going to be placed on. As the name suggests, table lamps are placed on top of tables. If it is a large table in a living room, you can choose table lamps that are taller and wider (20-24 inches tall) to cater to the lighting needs and to ensure size proportion in comparison to the room. Smaller side tables or corner tables can have relatively smaller lamps (10-16 inches) to ensure there is enough space for other items too – for example: a photo frame, or a mobile phone stand, a small planter or other items of interest.

Can I just replace the lamp shade on my table lamp?

Most times table lamp stand are made of wood or metal and definitely stand the test of time. However, the lamp shades may get worn out of damaged over a period of time and may require to be replaced. You can buy new lamp shades online for your table lamps from our collection of conical, drum, tapered or oval lampshades.

Where all can I place my table lamps?

As the name suggests, they are placed on tables. Some of the common places where you can use table lamps: corner tables in your living room besides the sofa or couch. Bed Side tables in your bed room (Ideal for reading and can also serve as night lamps). Bar cabinets, small tables in dining rooms are other possible places to have a table lamp.

What bulb should I use for my table lamp?

There are three things here. One is the type of bulb that is suited for the bulb holder in the lamp. Two is the color. And three is the wattage. For bulb type, please refer to this bulb holder types post and also the different types of bulbs with recommendations. As for color, we always recommend warm white bulbs as they cast beautiful shadows on the walls and ceiling when it. Wattage is a personal choice and can be between 2-5 watts LED depending on how much brightness you require.

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