Mini Table Lamp

Our mini table lamps are a simple and cost effective way to add charm and glamour to your space. They are also an ideal gifting solution for all occasions. Do check our range of mini table lamps and reach out for any customization requirement.


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  • Valentines day gift for your loved one

    580 (Free Shipping)
  • Yellow paisley mini cylindrical table lamp

    700900 (Free Shipping)
  • Gorgeous Christmas tree table lamp for this festive season

    720 (Free Shipping)
  • Yellow grove ethnic mini table lamp with traditional motifs

    700900 (Free Shipping)
  • Decorative Christmas lamp for table top in bright red fabric

    599 (Free Shipping)
  • Kolam print mini bed side table lamp

    720920 (Free Shipping)
  • SALE

    Bed Side lamp in plain orange fabric

    690 (Free Shipping)
  • Paint on lamp shade / table lamp for crafters and artists

    640850 (Free Shipping)
  • Sold Out

    Mini table lamp with pretty printed fabric

    800 (Free Shipping)
  • Buddha print mini table lamp

    650 (Free Shipping)
  • Orange grove mini cylindrical table lamp

    700900 (Free Shipping)
  • NEW

    Ganesha Table Lamp

    740 (Free Shipping)
  • -29%

    Mini table lamp in plain red fabric

    510 (Free Shipping)
  • -28%

    Tweety Bird Mini Table Lamp

    520 (Free Shipping)
  • Bamboo print mini table lamp

    720 (Free Shipping)
  • Jute Burlap Mini cylindrical table lamp

    620800 (Free Shipping)
  • Wavy Red mini table lamp

    710910 (Free Shipping)
  • Classy Chevron mini table lamp

    710910 (Free Shipping)

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