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Bespoke ceiling light fixture for an Interior Designer

At Woodooz Home Decors we have always been trying to understand client requirements and execute them to the liking of the requester. It always opens up with a discussion on what is needed and it is interesting how ideas converge and eventually get converted into a product that we enjoy making. The icing in the cake to us, of course, is winning the appreciation and the loyalty of our clients which naturally is what we strive for. 

One such project that came our way was a conference room ceiling light fixture requirement. The client called us through a reference from an earlier project that we had worked on and was not hesitant to close the deal on a call. The requirement was simple – Three 1 foot square lampshades made with raw silk. Oft white was the color of choice. While we readily lapped up the opportunity, we also indulged the customer to understand more about this requirement.

During the conversation we were given to understand the client was looking for getting the light fixture fabricated from a third party vendor. Given that we have experience in fabrication with wrought iron and stainless steel, we pitched to do the complete project, and not just the shades. After 2-3 calls and a pricing that was agreeable to the client, we were offered the project.

The design and measurements were provided by the architect and so we had to be really accurate in our execution. The choice of material was Stainless Steel. The brief given to us : The fixture will be clamped onto the concrete ceiling and only the horizontal rod that holds the shades will be visible. The delivery time was two days for the fixture and another two days for the shades.

Today, we were at the site and got the lighting installed. Our incentive – The delight on the client’s face. That said it all and we didn’t even prompt for a feedback. We did want to know if he would come back to us for all their future requirements and an emphatic YES came our way. Our day was made.

We are gaining inroads into the housing and hotel industry and such projects give us the impetus and also adds to our portfolio.

Are you an architect / interior designer ?

Are you an architect ? An interior designer ? Looking to give life to your ideas. Interested in bespoke lighting fixtures. We are eager to work with you and strike gold.

Just reach out to us at [email protected] or give us a call at +919884070470 (Somu Padmanabhan). We would be really happy to collaborate.

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