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Lamp shade repair and restoration in Chennai

We sometimes attach more than material value to some of the things around the house. Probably that is why there are still few things at home that, to others, are only worthy of being dumped into the garbage can. An old painting. A broken tape recorder. A hand written card that carries no value now. And many such teeny tiny nothings to which we bond emotionally. Sentimental values can never be matched by money.

Over the years we have also come to understand people love their Lampshades too. When buying a new one can be much more inexpensive than getting an old one restored, they still opt for the latter option. Naturally. And we understand why.

When we received this Lampshade as a wedding gift, we were only happy to use it as a bedside lamp. It was like that for a long time, until one day… when we thought a little change would not hurt us. And what did we do instead of buying a new one – We gave it colors and added a little bling to it. It was back in our DIY days. We were happy that we could retain our old wedding gift.

We get requests to restore or replace older lampshades, and more often than not, there is always a story behind it. Belonged to my father. Or was the first thing I bought with my earning. Or has been there for a long time with us. It is the emotional connect that makes these projects all the more worthwhile. Here’s three of such projects that we did recently.

Beautiful vintage base

The base was beautiful. Wrought iron. And power coated to a pretty grey. The shade was completely broken. The diffuser inside and the frame was broken.Apparently it belongs to the customer’s father and so came with a lot of sentimental value. We decided to use the same frame by fixing it with a little bit of welding. The fabric was chosen from a list of available ones. And oh boy ! We were glad we took up this project.

A quirky base

This one belonged to the same customer. After we did the first one, she decided to hand over the next to us. The base kinda seemed really odd. But the overall effect was nice and pleasing. The fabric on the lampshade was intact, but the sheen had died and was screaming to be replaced. We carefully removed the fabric and the diffuser without damaging the frames. The fabric again was chosen by the customer. And the new look rocked.

Flat wooden base

The customer walked into our showroom in OMR with this wooden base. It was bought in a well known store in Chennai some 10 years ago and the shade above was long gone. They wanted a new shade to be built around the base. And after a cursory look at the available shades in our studio, the customer picked a particular fabric. Orange always rules. Right ?

Lampshade repair and restoration is fun. More so because of the back stories they carry.
We have started taking lampshade restoration projects at our studio located at

Woodooz Home Decors,
3/371, 1st Floor,
Metukuppam, Thoraipakkam,
Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR),
Chennai 600097

If you need more details, you can walk into our studio or simply leave us a mail at [email protected] or just give us a call at +919884070470.

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