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Refurbish Hanging Lampshades for a hotel reception

It is always a pleasure when you get a recall from an earlier customer of yours. It establishes not only the quality of your previous work, but also the level of trust the customer is laying on you. And when the work you are expected to render is for the lounge / reception of the hotel, you can only be excited about the whole thing.

Project Background

The Hotel reception already had beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Over a period of time, the inner shade in the entire lighting fixture started falling off from its frame. Given that it was right at the entrance to the hotel, the customer had used workarounds like cello tape to hold the shades in place. Not only was it serving the purpose, it was also making the whole set up look shoddy. The customer wanted a cost effective solution.

And so, we enter the scene.

Our recommendation

After examining, we realized that the shade material was in good shape. Only it had fallen off from its frame and the cello tapes were making a mess of the whole thing. We suggested that we remove the shade material off the frame, clean it up to remove all the cello tape residue and remount it on the same frame. The fact that we offered a cost effective solution to the whole issue was very appealing to the customer. However, he was skeptical about it and so we got into action making a sample for him.

Our biggest challenge

The biggest challenge we had was3 to scrape off the cello tape residue from the shades. We used floor cleaning chemical to eat into the glue remains which made it easier to scrape it off eventually. Though sounding like an easy task, it turned out to be the most time consuming and daunting effort for us.

We reused the same material for completing the sample shade after removing all the residues and cleaning up the surface to a sparkle. We suggested to replace the earlier white border with brown to go along with the outer acrylic fixture. The sample shade came out really well and it had an instant nod from the customer. While we estimated only a day’s work at the hotel premises, it took us an additional day because we had to wait for lean guest period to have the shades removed and provided to us for replacement.

The final output

We are proud to have been associated with this project. Though our work only involved making the inner shades and the rest of the chandelier was in place, we were extremely happy with the association and the result that we were able to show. What do you think ? How do you like this one ?

Looking for shades for your Hotel ?

Are you an architect ? An interior designer ? Looking for lampshades for your Hotel ? Looking to give life to your ideas. Interested in bespoke lighting fixtures. We are eager to work with you and strike gold.

Just reach out to us at [email protected] or give us a call at +919884070470 (Somu Padmanabhan). We would be really happy to collaborate.

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