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Bottle Lamp DIY Kit – The ultimate guide to make bottle lamps

Woodooz Home Decor® has been a pioneer in bringing the Bottle Lamp Kits to its customers and here we are trying to answer some of the frequently asked questions. Just to recap : The bottle lamp kit is an easy to use unit that allows for conversion of your bottles into beautiful table lamps. Here’s some of the questions that we keep getting from our patrons and hoping this brings in clarity.

Frequently asked questions about our bottle lamp kits

Who is the bottle lamp kit used for making bottle lamps useful for ?

There are various folks who would find the bottle lamp kit ideal for their use. While their purpose of using the kit may vary, the kit itself serves the same purpose in all the cases which is to aid in converting bottles to lamps. Here are some target users for the kit :

  • Bottle decoupage artistes who want to make a functional lamp product out of their work
  • Home decor enthusiasts who look for unique ways to add lighting elements to their home
  • Bottle collectors who want to  preserve the memory of a bottle by giving it funtionality (We once had a customer who had the champagne bottle that her son brought home when he first came back from the army. She got it preserved as a lamp)
  • Folks with bar cabinets. The bottle lamps are a fitting and apt decor items when they sit on top of a bar cabinet.
  • And just about anyone else who have access to bottles and love bottle lamps
    What all materials do I need to make a bottle lamp
    1. A bottle (duh !)
    2. Bottle Lamp kit and
    3. A Lampshade
    4. A bulb
    Does the bottle lamp kit (no drill) work with all lamp shades ?

    Our bottle lamp kit comes with a B22 or an E27 Bulb holder. The diameter of the holder ring in your lampshade should be roughly about 25mm (for B22) or 40mm (For E27) for it to work with the kit.

    All lampshades that you buy from us will be supported by the lamp kit.

    Will the cork stopper lamp kit fit all bottles ?

    Yes and no. The bottle lamp kit comes with a standard bottle cork stopper that is plugged into the bottle mouth before a lampshade is mounted on top of it. The bottle stopper has a tapered conical shape with the top diameter being larger than the bottom diameter

    Top Diameter : 23mm

    Bottom Diameter : 18 mm

    So any bottle mouth opening that is anywhere between 18mm and 23mm in diameter works well with our lamp kit. Anything lesser than 18mm, the stopper will not go in, anything wider than 23mm, the stopper will completely go in and so will not stay sturdy.

    What are the different do it yourself bottle lamp kits available?

    There are currently two variants available.

    • DIY Bottle lamp kit : This kit will come with the holder unit + bottle stopper and a black cable separately. This kit is primarily used when you already have a hole drilled in the bottle or you have the capability to drill the hole.  You need to insert the open end of the cable through the hole, route it through the hole in the bottom of the stopper and connect to the bulb holder. Fairly simple and not as complicated as it sounds.
    I have a painted / decoupaged bottle. Can I drill hole in it ?

    We always suggest that the hole is drilled before any art work is done on the bottle. This is to ensure that the bottle art is not spoilt while in the process of drilling hole. In such cases, the ready to use kit will come in handy.

    How are the bottle lamp kits priced?

    The bottle lamps kits are priced at Rs.430 for the ready to use kit and Rs.380 for the DIY kits. The price includes the shipping cost. Quantity discounts are enabled.

    Do you offer discounts for the bottle lamp kits ?

    Yes we do. For multiple qualtities of the kits, we offer discounts which is incorporated into the product pricing itself. When you choose your pack (Pack of 3to Pack of 10), these discounts get automatically applied.

    These kits are fun to use and they come in handy when you quickly want to make a funtional decor out out of your leftover bottles. It is for this reason that these kits have remained to be very popular with our patrons, so much so, that they come back for more either for their own use or to gift to their loved ones.

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